Sugar Daddiez

Meet The Sugar Daddiez: a pop/rock power trio consisting of drums, bass, vocals, and keyboards, playing hits from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s with a jazzy, piano-driven twist.

Your favorite band for American (and sometimes Italian and Spanish) pop hits served up with a boatload of positive energy, is saying farewell to its frequent guest (rock)star and partner in crime, the mighty Giulia! They will play all their favorites, from “In Alto Mare” to “Hotel California” to “Watermelon Sugar” to “Gloria,” with some surprise guests and songs coming up as the night goes on.

The group is planning to blow it out—Giulia is returning to Europe, and they want to celebrate her with music, fun, and laughter! Come join the Sugar Daddiez party!

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