Eddie Pickett

The blues legend of Eddie Pickett:

Way back when
the flag stars were forming
The roots of my troops rolled in. Virginian by birth,
They say we came in storming
But I Earned my road dog stripes
by the ripe age of five.
I fed the honky tonk Juke box
all of my dimes
And Just about the same time
A guitar opened my young eyes
along came the summer of 69
Singing songs in circles of smoke
Telling stories for all the folks.
From Japan to Iceland on my uncle’s tour, through the Old Lands, to New Orleans,
Opened all the doors,
I made one good ring around this world
just to be sure
I made it back home to find my girl
Roots, limbs, leaves, and all
Our family tree spread proud and tall
Nowadays our music never stops
The rig we got seems hard to top
The van keeps on rolling,
The glass keeps on blowing
The tide keeps on flowing
And we keep on going
older and wiser but maybe
a little more playful too
Nothing but tenfold love from me
for every one of you.
I’d like to keep writing
but I’m southbound on 95
10 miles to go on a 12 hour drive
Mi amigos booked a show and we hit at 9
So I’ll catch you all on the next flip side
Just like always, Billy Sunday’s going live.

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