Abbie Palmer

Abbie Palmer is a multi-genre musician, composer, recording artist, music therapist, teacher, meditation facilitator, and music director. With roots in World music, Classical training, and a contemporary writing style, Abbie brings an eclectic and eccentric flavor to any stage.


She is most known for her unique percussive style of playing on the harp as well as her gentle and sometimes haunting singing voice. She has had the pleasure of playing with some of DC’s most highly esteemed musicians, spanning a range of genres and continents of origins, namely traditional Celtic, Hip-Hop, traditional African, New Age, Jazz, and Pop/Rock. Abbie musical roots began in Celtic music and was on stage performing on harp at the Maryland Renaissance Festival starting at childhood. Abbie went on to focus on Classical music in college and received a dual degree in Classical harp performance, gaining skills and knowledge as an orchestral harpist. After feelings of mastery in Celtic and Classical, Abbie then began exploring contemporary and singer-songwriter style music. Abbie regularly plays pop/rock sets in bars and clubs on the electric harp, showing her true character and dedication to musical versatility.


Abbie first began composing music in 2008 and went on to write 3 full-length albums of original music. Abbie has recorded and toured with her original music throughout the United States. Abbie’s writing style varies from her influences in World music while also weaving in an interesting fusion of Celtic and Jazz/Blues. She writes both songs and instrumental music and enjoys working with others on her original music as well.

Recording artist:

Abbie’s first solo album was released in 2012 called “Sow Hope”. This album was a concept album around her experiences as a hospice music therapist. Her second album called “Shedding Shadows” was with the Abigail Palmer Group and was Abbie’s initiation into a more band-oriented career path. Abbie’s third album called “Gypsy Second” was as a duo with a local profession drummer. Abbie is currently in the studio now working on her fourth album! She has recorded her own music as well as been a hired studio-musician for other projects as well. More recently, Abbie has begun studying recording technique for herself and is now doing all her own recording work, with the advising of local recording engineer Chris Murphy.

Music therapist:

Abbie achieved her bachelor’s degree major in music therapy, and has been an actively practicing board-certified music therapist for about 15 years. In her career, Abbie has had the honor of providing music therapy to an array of populations experiencing medical conditions, such as terminal illness, autism spectrum disorder & developmental disabilities, schizophrenia & psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s disease & dementia, eating disorders, traumatic brain injury, and post traumatic stress disorder with the military population. In music therapy, Abbie uses harp, voice, piano, guitar, percussion, and various other instruments to meet the therapeutic goals of the individuals that she works with.

Special events musician:

She is regularly hired to provide harp music for private special events such as weddings, parties, and ceremonies, and is able to structure playlists and genres based off of the characteristics of the event and individuals. Abbie will sometimes provide background music in restaurants and coffee shops around the DC area and enjoys supporting local social gatherings through music.


As a person who encapsulates all things musical, Abbie also has 15 years of experience as a private music instructor. Abbie teaches all levels of harp, piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele, and truly enjoys the process of working with individuals to learn and expand their musical knowledge and skill. Not only has Abbie been a music teacher on staff with at least five music schools in the DC area, but she also teaches privately within her own studio. She works with her students not just on an individual level but also prepares and organizes opportunities for students to perform in ensembles and recitals. Abbie is able to inspire and motivate her students’ creativity and personal expression through lessons while also offering understanding of music theory, ear training, sight reading, arranging, improvisation, and familiarity with genre.

Meditaiton facilitator:

One of her specialties in musical offerings is creating live music to facilitate relaxation and mediation experiences. Abbie often will use a variety of different instruments while using a looping device to create a beautiful aesthetic structured for a deep meditative experience. Abbie provides verbal guidance with breathing techniques and visualization strategies to assist participants in integrating mind and body relaxation effects. Abbie offers virtual meditation offering where she creates live music to support participants to unwind and obtain a deep levels of relaxation.

Music director:

Abbie has offered music in spiritual contexts by acting as a music director and praise leader in various churches in the DC area. Abbie currently is a praise and worship leader at the Franconia United Methodist Church in Northern VA. Abbie has been employed with 3 other churches as music director, organist/pianist, choir director and cantor.

Overall, Abbie’s professional career and experiences in music have led her to be able to provide music in almost any context. Whether it’s performing, teaching, therapy, or beyond, Abbie is able to mold music to be what it needs to be to fit the purpose and achieve the needed function. Abbie’s love and passion for music shines in her ability to touch many different types of people and fit many contexts with her craft.


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